The Cheese Gallery


Rant ‘n Raves: The Cheese Gallery

Walking along the main street in Thornbury last Friday, I happened upon “The Cheese Gallery…edible art.”

How had I missed this in the past?  Two of my favorite past-times, food and art!   Mon Dieu!!!  My heart skipped a beat…was it going to be art inside these doors, or food?!  Alas, it was both:)

Big comfy chairs beckon you inside, and along with my personal mantra!

….a smile crosses my face.  Ah, home away from home:)

The space that enfolds The Cheese Gallery is bright without feeling sterile.  White, black and stainless steel can be off-putting or even dated, but here, with the backdrop of chalkboards, antiques and a gorgeous periwinkle/lavender on the walls;  it is crisp, artful and inviting.

There are places to pause and sit, or to take in all of the cheese related accompaniments.   Fresh bread anyone?  The offering of serving pieces seem to be made by local artisans.  Nicely done.

I picked up a couple of balsamic syrups; one infused with fig, the other pear.  In fact there is a tasting bar so that you can sample before you buy.  Also, nice.

The first time I dropped in, I had a great chat with one of the owners,Casey Thomson.  She is clearly into her cheese!  Passion is more like it.  Her staff carry that enthusiasm in recommending cheese.  The variety and quantity is ever increasing, so it is helpful to have knowledgeable and friendly people around to guide you.  It can be overwhelming and intimidating.  They gently encourage you to go beyond your regular aged cheddar and try balsamic cheddar from Wisconsin….I needed no prodding to bring home creamy French Brie with a truffle mousse.  My quick snack on Friday evening…candied walnuts, fig cake…be still my heart!

The second time I popped in, the shop was packed.  My friend and I decided to return later…which we did!  I managed to get a couple of pictures before it was full again.  Some people don’t like getting their photos taken,…so I couldn’t zoom in for a close-up;)

However, I think that you get the picture!

If this isn’t enough….wait for it…..they are licenced!  They sell wine to compliment their seemingly limitless bounty of cheesy comestibles!  Word on the street is that they make a killer grilled cheese! Speaking of  John Cleese, you knew that I couldn’t report here without leaving you with my all time favorite Monty Python Skit.

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