Halloumi Sandwich with Sun-Dried Tomatoes & Green Olives

Have you noticed that our mornings are getting cooler? Sweaters are definitely in the not so distant future. It seems like those carefree beach days are quickly being replaced with schedules and routine. Pumpkin Spice everything is suddenly everywhere, here in apple country we are seeing trees heavy with fruit and sharing the road with the farmers that work so hard to produce a huge portion of the country's apple supply. Don't worry, we'll feature a great apple recipe in the not so distant future, but first Halloumi! Halloumi, baguette, basil, sun-dried tomato, olive spread

We want to share with you a hearty sandwich that is easily created from products that we carry in the shop or if we don’t there is a good possibility you may already have them in your kitchen. The star of this sandwich is definitely the Halloumi. If you are unfamiliar with this cheese prepare to meet a new favourite. This cheese is salty & tangy but also has a richness & heartiness that makes it an ideal protein stand in.  

 Halloumi in a cast iron frying pan

CHEESE LESSON: Halloumi originates from Cyprus although is now produced around the world. Semi hard, unripened and without a rind this brined cheese is best known for it’s ability to maintain it’s shape when heated. Fried in a pan or heated on a grill the cheese becomes crispy on the outside and melty on the inside, it is ideal for topping salads or in this case as part of the sandwich. 

We did do one “extra” step in this recipe which you will see in the photos and that was to mix some chopped basil into some mayo (hence why it is green), we did this in a food processor (but a blender would also work) and it took less than 2 minutes. That said, it is not necessary and could easily substituted for a roasted garlic aioli or even some regular mayonnaise and torn basil leaves. 

Because this sandwich calls for simple ingredients, we recommend that you use the best quality you can get your hands on. Aside from the produce (and the mayo) we carry everything you need at The Cheese Gallery - shop right from this recipe and have an order ready for curb side pick up, honestly dinner just got easier and you will thank us! 

Halloumi Sandwich with Sun-dried Tomatoes and Green Olive Spread

Thornbury Baguette (we used the seeded one) 
Basil leaves
Sun Dried Tomatores 
Davina Green Olive Spread 
Good quality Olive Oil

Step 1 (optional) 

We combined a handful of basil leaves with a quarter cup of mayonnaise in the bowl of a food processor and ran it until our basil was chopped and incorporated into the mayonnaise. If you do not want to dirty a small kitchen appliance you could chop basil and mix it into the mayonnaise by hand or simply add the mayonnaise to the bread and then the chopped basil 

Step 2 

Slice a section of your Thornbury Baguette into a size that works for you for a sandwich, we removed the ends and then cut the baguette into two good sized pieces. Slice the baguette lengthwise. We did not toast our baguette but that is a matter of personal preference. 

Baguette on black walnut with olivewood spoonStep 3 

Cover one side of your baguette with the Basil and mayonnaise mix you made in step one. On the other half of the baguette spread a layer of the Davina Green Olive Spread. 

Step 4

Place some arugula leaves on the side with the basil/mayonnaise mix. Slice your sundried tomatoes and add them to the olive side of the baguette. 


Step 5

Slice the Halloumi into 1/4” thick slices. Heat a heavy frying pan over medium high (we used cast iron) with a tablespoon of good Olive Oil. When the pan is hot add the slices of Halloumi, they will take 2 - 3 minutes per side. Flip the slices and allow to cook on side two - the Halloumi should have a nicely browned crust.  

Halloumi, fried in a cast iron pan

Once the second side of the Halloumi is cooked, place the slices onto your prepared Sandwich, close the layers.


Halloumi sandwich, sun-dried tomato, basil aioli, green olive spread with arugula on baguette


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